The Roehampton Campus Project (HSA020N265Y) database will help you to explore the campus, using its buildings and art works, landscape features and religious sites, archival and image collections to research its architectural history, classical allusions and religious links.

History of the University

Explore the history of the concept of the university, the history of the University of Roehampton, and what it means to be a university student.

Women in Education

Ideas about women’s role within education have varied over time. With their long and influential history of educating women and supporting women educators, the four Roehampton Colleges offer a fascinating and essential insight into the subject of women in education.

Froebelian Education

Friedrich Froebel pioneered kindergartens, advocating learning through play for very young children. In the 19th century, the Froebel Educational Institute began training those who wished to work as early years specialists. The Institute moved to Roehampton...

Classical Reception

Discover how classical culture has influenced later ages and how classical culture has been reimagined and reinterpreted.

Georgian Roehampton

Georgian Roehampton was a fashionable area where aristocrats had neoclassical country retreats built by some of the UK’s most influential architects.

Roehampton in the 19th Century

Roehampton continued to be a fashionable retreat, attracting the intriguing Lyne-Stephens family. This century also saw the arrival of the Society of the Sacred Heart and the Society of Jesus.

Famous Architects at Roehampton

Roehampton boasts buildings designed by several of the foremost architects of the Georgian Era.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

This influential design movement reacted against what it saw as the negative impact of modern industrialism and promoted traditional craft skills, environmental awareness, and socialist values...

Religious Communities and Spaces

The Roehampton campus houses a number of sacred spaces, including Anglican, Catholic, and Methodist chapels, Muslim prayer rooms, and a Jewish resource centre.


Explore the many other avenues of research that Roehampton offers, including the career of physician William Harvey, Roehampton’s problem with highwaymen, the campus experience of the World Wars...